Hi! I’m Charles Janoah “Noah” Policarpio.


I always do my best to see the best in life, even if the events are very negative. Life is most about how we make of it, and since we only got one shot at it, we might as well make the most and best of it. I express this through self-improvement: going to the gym, hiking outdoors (pre-pandemic!), and getting to know new people.


I love learning, and I can’t get enough of it! I guess that’s why I did so well in university. I love learning how the world works (Science, Math, & Economics), and I love learning about practicalities, too (Business & Practical Skills). In my free time, you’d find me reading a new book or taking a new Udemy course.


Even if I have my own set of beliefs, I love to talk to people that have a different et of beliefs than I do. I believe it’s an opportunity to see what the other side sees that I don’t.

Make yourself at home.